The Artstorage project will establish a platform for the storage, digitisation and sale of works by contemporary Slovenian (and other) artists on the basis of a prepared business plan, the preparation of which was supported by a call for proposals by the Ministry of Culture, Centre for Creativity 2019.

The main objective of the Artstorage project is to open a startup company Artstorage within one year, which will enable Slovenian artists (as well as all other interested parties) access to professionally implemented storage in properly equipped and protected spaces, offer digitisation of stored works and promote the sale of artworks of contemporary Slovenian (and other) artists.

The Artstorage project will revitalize unused storage space and establish professional archival and storage conditions for the preservation of contemporary cultural heritage, while at the same time engaging with all kinds of interested public for constant promotion and thus raising the sales value of works of art.

The cost of Artstorage services, which will include warehousing, digitization and sales, will be up to EUR 200 (two hundred) euros for the rent of 50 square meters of space per year, according to the business plan. The artist will be entitled to digitize accepted works, exhibit in the home gallery and use our sales services including promotional and other dissemination activities.

We expect to startup the Artstorage facility by the end of 2020
at the latest.

On 14/02/2020, the Ministry of Culture and the European Cohesion Fund published a call for proposals for the Creativity Center 2020, in which we will try to obtain funds for the implementation of the business plan.

This is why your support is even more important.