Letter of support

29. januar 2020

Cmureška cesta 3
2230 Lenart                                                           

Letter of Support to ARTSTORAGE: Platform for the Storage, Digitization and Sales of Slovenian Contemporary Art

Dear artist,

ARTSTORAGE represents an innovative model for storing, archiving and digitizing artworks by Slovenian artists, and also all other internationally acclaimed artists that do not hold such specialized and dedicated archival spaces for the deposit of artworks. The aim of the project is establishing a creative link between the economic subject and creative and cultural sector in the form of a newly established business entity that will implement the business model the applicants are currently exploring within the public call for proposals »Promotion of creative cultural industries – Center for Creativity 2019”, which also provides support from the Ministry of Culture.

We are talking about a real archival storage, a cultural platform that does not only store (and keep safe) works of art, but is also offering those works for exhibiting, renting or selling, all in one place.

The new ARTSTORAGE art platform will thus enable contemporary Slovenian (and all others interested in our services, we are not excluding anyone at all) artists to store, archive and promote works of art, thus contributing to greater visibility and interconnection. In addition to the repository, archive and selling of artworks, ARTSTORAGE will also offer an open platform for the exchange of ideas, the ability to view and purchase works of art in the fields of painting, graphics, drawing, illustration, sculpture, photography and textile creations. In addition to the purchase, we will also establish the possibility of renting works of art, and once a month we will carry out open-type meetings with artists, workshops, co-productions, etc.

We believe that this is a project that certainly favors the popularity, beauty and, ultimately, the necessity of preserving the future cultural heritage.

What do we offer to the artists?

Storage of artworks outside studio premises; storage in secure and adequately air-conditioned spaces, with the possibility of annual space rental and digitisation for archiving purposes, as well as the possibility of sale within the ARTSTORAGE gallery activity.

In addition to the basic warehousing and promotion program, we will also provide artists with artistic provenance and archiving with photo documentation or digitisation. The artworks will be made available for selling or renting. Possible suggestions include buying leased artworks, paying off the loan to buy the artwork, promoting with the loan of artworks to specific places, engaging and collaborating with private gallerists and the like. 

The added value of the project is that the general and professional public will have free access to the artists and their creations: ARTSTORAGE will, in addition to the primary activity, provide a space for discussions, conferences, debates and exchange of practices. We will address students, pupils, artists, curators, art historians, critics, gallerists, art lovers, collectors, societies, institutions, public institutions and others.

By signing the Letter of support, you confirm your interest in participating in the project presented here without any financial obligation. Of course, we will only agree on all the details of the collaboration when ARTSTORAGE is also physically alive as a space. For the time being, at the level of implementation of the project idea, your valued signature is needed to encourage the participation of important stakeholders, especially the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, which we believe will recognize the necessity of establishing such an storage archive.