Much more than just storage for art

ARTSTORAGE represents business idea for innovative model of storing, archiving, digitization and selling of art works by contemporary Slovenian artists.

We provide educational activities (lifelong learning), workshops with artists, open studios, round tables and talks with gallerists, symposia, activities for schoolchildren, students, intergenerational cooperation, promotion of contemporary Slovenian art, and we also organise the Maribor Art Fair ArtMUS (


Storage of works of art by contemporary Slovenian artists in specialised areas


A self-referenced gallery for promotion of participating artists.


Art provenance and archiving with HDR photo documentation and digitisation.


Workshops, lectures, open studios, round tables, music and performance events.


The possibility of selling works of art within the Artstorage gallery activity.

Art Fair MUS

Promotion of renowned Slovenian artists and national promotion of contemporary Slovenian visual arts.

Artstorage team

It is common for all Slovenian artists to have no place to store their artwork – production in Slovenia is fruitful.

Nina Jeza, Artists&Poor’s

As a space, a warehouse of works of art is equivalent to a space of production. The work that has already been created is a reflection of the artist’s work, which is already separate from its creation and represents an opportunity to be recorded.

Peter Karba, architect

As a designer I want to make sure our branding strategies co-exist with individual artists, users of Artstorage facilities and services.

Jasmina Grudnik, artist

The ARTSTORAGE online platform will be an open database dedicated to promotion, archiving, digital media and education.

Petja Janžekovič, Artists&Poor’s

This is a revitalisation of the industrial space, thus creating excellent basic conditions for the needs of the protection and safety – especially in connection with gallery and education – unique in Slovenia.

Matej Hočevar, security expert

Industrial space as future gallery and storage infrastructure allows ideal habitat also for educational activities.

Saša Bezjak, artist

About us

Visual and intermedia production.


Use the address below to participate, ask questions or just about anything you want to know about Slovenian art scene.